Baby food

In the first six months, it is the best thing for a baby to be breastfeed by its mother. That way, the young organism obtains the nutrients that it needs for its entire life. An infant's need for food increases along with its age and weight, so that feeding it from birth exclusively by breastfeeding or with Infant Formula 1 satisfies it less and less over time. You can start replacing one breastfeeding meal with a porridge meal starting in the fourth month at the earliest. If your baby is not ready for supplementary food, then you can delay introducing it by one or two months.

Since each child develops individually and has its own preferences for specific meals at an early age, deviations from the general feeding plan are quite natural. In like manner, the individual behaviour of the baby also affects it energy requirements and hence the desired quantity at meal time. Lively children burn more energy than quiet babies and hence require more frequent meals or larger quantities at meal time. The Holle feeding plan is orientated around the specifications of the Research Institute for Child Nutrition in Dortmund and is intended to be used to support the nutrition of your child.