Baby's diet in the first year

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Bringing a new life into the world is a time of great happiness - an everyday miracle. Many things change. Many beautiful moments await you as well as many new responsibilities. Your endless love and support will help shape a successful future.

Your child's first year of growth and development is the most important stage in its life. Breast milk provides your baby with the very best nutrition for the first six months. Both the WHO and Holle recommend a six month period of exclusive breastfeeding followed by giving your baby breast milk as part of a balanced diet during weaning.
Holle is committed to helping you give your baby the best. That is why we are devoted to giving you the highest quality, most natural baby food. Indeed, since the company was founded, over 80 years ago, we have only used the best premium quality organic ingredients. Our experience and expertise, combined with up to date scientific knowledge, form a reliable basis for a healthy start to life - right from the very beginning.
Love, Comfort and Holle

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